General Inquiries

  • Q. My flight is expected to land at 12 midnight, will I still be able to check-in?

    Our reception is operational 24/7, rest assured you will be able to check-in, and our friendly assocites are on hand around the clock to render you any assistance you may need.

  • Q. Does the hostel have a parking area?

    Emblem Hostel does not have a private parking area, however, there are some coin parking spaces around the hostel.

  • Q. Does the hostel have storage and does it cost?

    You can store your luggage on check-in day & check-out day for free. The other day costs 1,000JPY/day/luggage.

  • Q. Can I store my luggage before check-in and after check-out?

    Yes. Our reception and luggage room are open 24/7.

  • Q. Can you receive parcels for me?

    “Yes. We receive and store parcels for you even before you check-in.
    But please note:
    1) Please pay delicery charge in advance. We cannot receive freight collect percels.
    2) Please use same name as your booking name.
    3) Please inform us when you check-in.”


  • Q. What is the check-in/check-out time?

    Check-in is after 4pm, and check-out is before 11am.

  • Q. How can I make a reservation?

    You can make a reservation via Emblem Hostel’s website clicking “BOOK NOW”, via various booking websites, and phone call. Also you can book by walk-in if there is availability.

  • Q. Do you accommodate children?

    Children under the age of 12 years old cannot stay in shared dormitory. Guests with children under 12 years old must stay in a private room.

  • Q. I have a fear of heights/a leg injury, can I request for a lower bunk?

    Allocation of beds is on a first-come-first serve basis, we will try our best to accede to guests’ request for their preference of lower/upper bunk if guests request in advance, however, this is based on availability.

  • Q. Can guests check-in early/check-out late?

    Should guests arrive before check-in time, they are welcome to leave their belongings at the hostel, go out exploring and return in time to check into their rooms. For early arrivals who wish to check into their rooms considerably earlier than the official check-in at 4pm, they are required to book for the day ahead. Check-out is strictly before 11am.

  • Q. Is there any special rate for group bookings?

    For large group bookings, please email for assistance.

  • Q. I have booked a number of rooms. Can we request to have adjacent rooms?

    We will try our best to allocate families under the same booking to rooms and beds (if dormitory) near each other, however, kindly be informed that this is subject to room types and availability.

  • Q. Is there cancellation charge?

    Yes. Penalty charge for cancellation on the arrival date is 100% of room charge, a day before is 50%, and 2 days before is 30%.


  • Q. How much are the rooms/beds?

    Please click on "BOOK NOW" to get the latest prices for your desired dates.

  • Q. What modes of peyment are accepted at the hostel?

    We accept credit cards and cash (JPY) at our front desk.


  • Q. “What is the difference between room types?Are there any rooms with ensuite bathrooms?”

    We offer two types of room: Private room and Dormitory room. As a private room with a private bathroom, you can choose double room, double room for 3, or twin room ensuite (1 bunk bed). Also twin/triple/quad room with shared bathroom (2 bunk beds) can be used as a private room. There are 4/6/8/12 mixed dormitory room with shared bathroom. We also offer female dormitory rooms. Please click “STAY” and check the details.

  • Q. Are toiletries and towels provide?

    Body soap, shampoo, and conditioner are provided in all shawer rooms, and towels are provided to each bed. In addition, toothbrush, razor, and cotton set are provided in double rooms and ensuite twin rooms. You can perchase other amenities at reception.

  • Q. If I stay in a dormitory, my belongings are safe?

    Yes. Private locker with key is provided to each bed.

  • Q. Can I use WiFi?

    Yes. You can use free WiFi in the entire building.

  • Q. Can I smoke?

    Yes. Though smoking is not allowed in the entire building, there is a smoking space at the terrace.

  • Q. What kind of facilities and options do you offer?

    PC, laundry, fridge, and, simple kitchen are available at the community lounge. We also offer rental bikes and fitness gym for minimal charge. Please click “STAY” to check the details.

  • Q. Is the breakfast free?

    Yes. Breakfast is included in the room charge.

  • Q. Can I send my percels to airport/other place from the hostel?

    Though we cannot receive delivery charge from guests and go through procedure instead of them, we can call a delivery driver and support the procedure for guests.


  • Q. How can I get to Emblem Hostel from Narita airport?

    1) By T-CAT bus
    From Narita airport to T-CAT bus terminal (Suitengu-mae sta.): T-CAT bus/60mins/2,800JPY
    From Suitengu-mae sta. to Nishiarai sta.: Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line/25mins/420JPY

    2) By Train
    From Narita airport to Oshiage sta.: Keisei Narita Sky Access/55mins/1,170JPY
    Oshiage sta. to Nishiarai sta.: Tobu Skytree line/14mins/250JPY

  • Q. How can I get to Emblem Hostel from Haneda airport?

    1) By T-CAT bus
    From Haneda airport to T-CAT bus terminal (Suitengu-mae sta.): T-CAT bus/30mins/820JPY
    From Suitengu-mae sta. to Nishiarai sta.: Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line/25mins/420JPY

    2) By Haneda airport bus
    From Haneda airport to Kitasenju sta.: Haneda airpot bus/50mins/1,030JPY
    From Kitasenju sta. to Nishiarai sta.: Tobu Skytree line/4mins/170JPY

    3) By Train
    From Haneda sta. to Hamamatsu sta.: Tokyo Monorail/20mins/490JPY
    From Hamamatsu sta. to Ueno sta.: Keihin Tohoku line/13mins/170JPY
    From Ueno sta. to Nishiarai sta.: Tobu Skytree line/16mins/340JPY

  • Q. How long does it take from the hostel to city center?

    Emblem Hostel is convenient to access to city center by train. For example, from Emblem Hostel to Tokyo sta. is 20mins/ Asakusa is 20 mins/ Ueno is 15 mins/ Shibuya is 45mins/ and so on by train. Please click “ACCESS” and check the details.